Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Problems on Vista 64 bit operating systems

I have an application that has some COM references and it gives problems on Windows Vista 64 bit.  Apparently the solution is to build the application to specifically target x86 machines rather than "Any CPU" and when your application will run on a 64 bit operating system, it will run as a 32 bit WoW.  More information on
This is from the link below, but this is how you do it:
   1.Click on Tools...Options
   2.Select Projects and Solutions
   3.Check the Show advanced build configurations option and click the OK button
To compile for x86:
   1.Click on Build...Configuration Manager
   2.Click on the Platform dropdown for your project in the list and select <New...>
   3.In the Project Platform dialog select x86 from the new Platform dropdown and click OK
The message board item where I got the above information is below

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