Thursday, October 23, 2008

I installed VS 2003 after VS 2005

 I initially has VS 2003 and then installed VS 2005, no problems.  However, I had to re-install my operating system and because I had deadlines, when I got back up and running, I just installed VS 2005 because most of my work was with that.  But recently, I had a program that wouldn't convert from vs 2003 to vs 2005, so I needed to look at it in 2003.  So I went back and installed VS 2003.  Nothing really bad happened, except when I doubled on a VS 2005 solution, it tries to open it in VS 2003 and I get an error.  I have to right click on the solution and select Microsoft Visual Studio Version Selector which then opens the solution in VS 2005.  I haven't found a better solution.

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