Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Autos Window has Disappeared in VB.NET

This might not be a big deal, but the other day I had to help a team member work out some problems he was having.  Well, this person has just installed VB.NET on his computer.  In order to figure out the problem, I had to debug the application, well while in debug mode, I noticed that the Autos window, and Locals window didn't exist.  Well, I figured I could just show it by going to the View Menu.  However, when I went there I couldn't find the Autos Window or the Locals Window.  I couldn't figure what was going on on his machine, but was able to use the Watch window to figure the values.  I guess sometimes we don't realize how specific parts of our work environment got there, and we just take them for granted.  I've always had the Autos Window and Locals Window, so I've never had to actually add it back.

Anyways, after checking MSDN library, I found that the Auto's Window can be shown and hidden by going to the Debug Menu/Window/ And selecting it from that submenu.  You can also show it by pressing  Ctrl+Alt+V, and then the letter A.

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